C-5: Anti corruption - Italy Edition (Milano, 12-13 novembre)



C5’s 3rd Annual Forum on Anti-Corruption: Italy Edition is recognised as THE conference on anti-corruption in Italy. The constant increase and in-depth focus on Anti-Corruption Compliance supports the continued success of previous editions of this event.

 The increased level of scrutiny implemented by prosecutors and regulators on Italian companies doing business both domestically and abroad makes it essential for corporations to constantly update their compliance programmes and 231 models. Recent updates in Italian legislation have introduced new criminal provisions on corruption, false statements in the books & records and self-money laundering. Companies must reassess their risk exposure to incorporate new measures in order to avoid further liabilities and mitigate their exposure. Furthermore, the activity of anti-corruption enforcers outside Italy is relentless, with several cases headlining newspapers, such as the Petrobras case in Brasil and the Alstom case in United Kingdom. Italian companies doing business abroad and particularly in high-risk markets, cannot afford to underestimate their risks and liabilities on a global scale.

New for 2015!

  • Status updates on current high profile investigations in Italy, USA, UK and Brazil
  • What the Tax Authorities and the Financial Police are looking for in anti-corruption investigations
  • Effective risk management strategies and reporting to the Organismo di Vigilanza
  • How to detect fraud accounting and integrate 231 compliance with SOX compliance

PLUS Interactive Working Groups, 11 November 2015

A Focus on Anti-Corruption and Compliance Risk Assessments
B Focus on Risk-Based Third Party Due Diligence

In libreria: Responsabilità amministrativa delle imprese (Decreto legislativo 231/2001)

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